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Devastated Dreams is a psychological horror game combining the two things that have scared the developer the most - being an expectant parent and feeling totally vulnerable in a rural area of the Philippines without any electricity or running water. It is a narrative focused game telling the story of Angel, a young woman who may or may not be expecting a child as she has to journey through twisted nightmares plagued by horrible monsters inspired by Filipino folklore.


In 2013, Matt Gilgenbach visited the Phillippines to meet his wife's family for the first time. He was amazed by the natural beauty but surprised to see that some people lived in the jungle without power - their only light came from candles. He was also fascinated by the aswang, Filipino legendary creatures similar to werewolves and vampires but more twisted. They often prey on children, which is the perfect metaphor to express his fears of taking care of his first child.


  • Inspired by the developer's fears and anxieties expecting his first child.
  • Grayscale watercolor art style with unique dynamic lighting system that converts light and shadows into layered ink effects.
  • Modeled after real life locations in the Philippines including Tacloban after it was devastated by a typhoon, the Kabayan Fire Mummy caves, and more.
  • A strong narrative focus telling the story of Angel through her nightmares representing her fears.
  • A commitment to immersion by having no hud or button prompts as well as binaural audio to realistically simulate sounds in 3D.


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      Devastated Dreams Credits

      Matt Gilgenbach
      Creative director, programmer

      Daniel Sass

      Joe Grabowski
      Art, animation, level design

      Chris Ewald

      Adam Grabowski

      Skyler McGlothlin

      Eduardo Ortiz Frau
      Sound Design

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