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A Möbius Proposal is a co-op puzzle platformer that Matt Gilgenbach created in 2010 to propose to his wife. The main design goal was to create a game where communication and teamwork are important because they are essential for a marriage. The game takes place on a Möbius strip because despite appearing two sides, it actually only has one. This is a good metaphor for the unity of marriage.


When proposing, Matt wanted to do something very memorable. Since video game development is what he is best at, he decided to create a game to propose to his girlfriend (now wife). Initially, he was planning do to a Zelda ROM hack, but he thought it would be better to create something original that would be an expression of his feelings.


  • Features cooperative puzzles solved by the two players hammering blocks between the sides of the Möbius strip (the demo features a single player mode)
  • Matt created all aspects of the game by himself, so it would truly be an expression of his love for his wife
  • Matt hid the wedding ring in the battery pack of his girlfriend’s controller and scripted in a message about her battery dying to pop the question


Video of the proposal YouTube, .mp4



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      A Möbius Proposal Credits

      Matt Gilgenbach
      Programming, art, design, music, sound effects (with the exception of Mendelssohn's Wedding March)

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks