This developer diary contains story spoilers for Neverending Nightmares, so don’t watch it unless you played the 0.3 alpha build or don’t care that there are story bits in it.

In this developer diary, I show a scene with temp VO and talk about what I was trying to accomplish with it, and what works and what doesn’t.

In this dev diary, I talk about the good and the bad of the game Call Of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth.

In this developer diary, I talk about why it might be premature to say that horror is making a comeback AAA despite “The Evil Within” and “Alien: Isolation” being released this year.

In this video, I talk about Eternal Darkness and whether it stands up over time.

In this video, I talk about my experience with Unity and while it is a valuable game development tool, it isn’t for everyone.

In this video, I talk about Silent Hill Origins and how the platform you play it on matters. I also digress and discuss developing for the PSP, emulators, and the importance of doors and streaming.

In this video, I talk about how rumble works in most controllers, how we are taking advantage of it in Neverending Nightmares, and what we are trying to do with haptic feedback on the Steam Controller.

In this dev diary, I talk about some features you might not have noticed in the alpha 0.3 build.

In this diary, I share my thoughts about the horror in Doom 3 (and the BFG Edition).

In this diary I talk about the importance of game jams, my reluctance to do them, and what sort of games can come out of a jam.