I got back last week from a vacation to the Philippines. While I had an amazing time, stress from work followed me, so I talk a little bit about it. Plus, enjoy a few trip photos and video!

In this video, I talk about whether doing engine rewrites for “next gen” is necessary or even a good idea.

As a follow up to the last video, I discuss where I hope the industry to be moving towards.

In this video, I discuss the state of the AAA industry and what makes being indie so attractive.

I felt depressed about Retro/Grade (again), so in this blog, I discuss why and how I am trying to come to terms with how I should feel about Retro/Grade.

In this video, I talk about my approach to pre-production and creating fun indie games under a lot of time pressure.

Here, I talk about work life balance and why it’s sometimes hard NOT to work a lot of hours.

In this video, I discuss the different for designing an indie game for breadth vs depth, and why I think depth is a much better choice for his current project and pretty much all indie projects.

Here, I discuss the importance of cutting corners and getting indie games out the door.

In this diary, I talk about anxiety I’m facing and how I am trying to overcome it by organizing and putting together task lists.