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In this diary, I talk about the process working with the composer for creating the music for Neverending Nightmares. Hello! So today I’d like to talk a bit about the musical process. So Skyler McGlothlin is the composer for the …

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In this video, I talk about what exactly it is I do at Infinitap Games. “So in this developer diary I’d like to talk a little bit about what I do with my time. I guess I’m a “Gameplay Programmer” …

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In this video, I talk about the difficulties of creating a navigable 3D world represented with 2D art. Hello and welcome to another in game developer diary! And so this developer diary is going to be kind of interesting, well …

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In this video, I talk candidly about my fears for Neverending Nightmares and the scope of the game. Now with a transcript! I’d like to talk about my fears for the scope of the game and it’s sort of interesting …

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In this video I talk about one of the themes of Neverending Nightmares – descent – and how that relates to the game design as well as the difficulty of offering a demo.

In this diary I discuss the importance of choosing an appropriate save game scheme for the game you are trying to make.

In this video, I discuss some elements of horror stories that I feel are particularly scary.

In this video, I walk through some of the changes of the new alpha build.

In this video, I talk about the challenges of writing dialogue for Neverending Nightmares.

In this video I talk about the good and the bad in Silent Hill 4: The Room.