Category: Horror Games

Developer Diary – 109 – Telltale Games

I continue my talk of episodic games, and discuss Telltale’s recent games.

Developer Diary – 103 – Horror is Subversive

In this developer diary, I talk about how horror can be subversive.

Developer Diary – 99 – Catherine

In this developer diary, I talk about the game Catherine and how it influenced Neverending Nightmares.

Developer Diary – 98 – What is Horror?

In this dev diary, I talk about what defines the horror genre and how perspective on that helped me make a more horrifying game.

Developer Diary – 95 – Negative Emotions In Games

In this developer diary, I talk about the difficulties in expressing negative emotions through a medium that is supposed to be “fun”.

Developer Diary – 87 – Dead Space

In this dev diary, I discuss the Dead Space franchise and what they did to create a horrifying atmosphere. Hello, so today I’d like to talk about ‘Dead Space’. ‘Dead Space’ and I have an interesting relationship. I think EA

Developer Diary – 80 – Dead Rising 3

In this video, I talk about Dead Rising 3 and how it’s the most “next gen” despite running at 720p30.

Developer Diary – 78 – The Last of Us

While “The Last of Us” wasn’t exactly a horror game, there is a lot we can learn from it.

Developer Diary – 77 – Effective Horror

In this video, I discuss some elements of horror stories that I feel are particularly scary.

Developer Diary – 75 – Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

In this diary, I discuss the interesting design choices of Shattered Memories, and what I feel they did right and wrong.