Category: Dev Advice

Developer Diary – 98 – What is Horror?

In this dev diary, I talk about what defines the horror genre and how perspective on that helped me make a more horrifying game.

Developer Diary – 97 – Keeping Backers Happy

In this diary, I discuss the importance of keeping backers happy when you run a kickstarter project.

Developer Diary – 79 – Save Games

In this diary I discuss the importance of choosing an appropriate save game scheme for the game you are trying to make.

Developer Diary – 69 – Indie Career

In this video, I answer some questions about my indie career:

Kickstarter tips

We had an AMAZINGLY successful kickstarter campaign. It seemed like a real miracle that the game got funded, and I have my extremely generous backers to thank for that. I often get asked advice on other kickstarter projects, so I

Developer Diary 55 – Indie Community

In this video, I talk about my experiences at IndieCade with the wonderful indie community and why you should get involved if you are an indie developer. Also, the forums are up! Please check them out if you haven’t already.

Developer Diary 53 – Ouya

In this video, I unbox my new Ouya and talk about why I am excited by Ouya and making Neverending Nightmares for the platform. Brian Provinciano’s GDC talk can be watched online here. Since filming that, I’ve played some games

Developer Diary 28 – Showing Your Game

It’s hard to show (and release) your game. In this diary, I talk about when the “right” time is.

Developer Diary 27 – Sizzle Reel

In this video, I talk about the importance of sizzle reel for games in which the environment and mood is the focus of the game rather than gameplay hooks. Also, space marines with bandanas!

Developer Diary 20 – Horror and the Importance of Imagination

In this video, I discuss the difficulty in creating good horror and the role of the imagination in that. I talk about H.P. Lovecraft and the Shining’s influence on my view on horror.