8 Comments on “Developer Diary – 91 – Nervous about the Alpha

  1. No worries. You are your own worst critic. I am sure everything will turn out to be fine and you will receive appropriate criticism constructive or otherwise.

    • I am a pretty harsh critic of my own work. So far, the alpha feedback has been quite positive and helpful, so I suppose my worries were unnecessary.

      Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

  2. Not a problem. On a side note but still on the same topic of criticism: before today, I have seen the whole Kickstarter demo play through. I thought it was phenomenally fantastic as i tend to be drawn to this genre in general. Personally, I watched Markipleir play it, but that is beside the point. There is only so much one can ascertain from watching anything. What i mean is, by watching him play it, i found out that i love its genre, i like its art style. I like the aura that it exuded. I liked many more things about it. That however is only from watching it. Probably about almost a month ago, i downloaded the kickstarter demo because i knew/know for a fact that i wanted to play it for myself. I worked up the nerve and made the time to play it just this morning. The feeling i got while playing it was albeit similar in some ways to watching Markiplier play it. several things were different though. To name a few, I am presuming you are wanting it to be creepy…in my eyes, it nailed that attribute. even though i KNEW where the surprise parts were from watching it previously, they still were eerie, creepy, and made me feel overall uneasy. to me, it genuinely felt like a nightmare. By that i mean how in some nightmares in real life, it feels like you ware watching something happening and even sometimes in control of a being in said nightmare be it yourself or whatever. Just like in a real nightmare this kickstarter demo got worse (not in quality, I mean it got creepier) and more intense with each played minute. In a way, the tone made me think of if one were to combine the general atmosphere of really good and creepy J-Horror movies with Stephen King’s The Shining. I’m certain you have gotten other compliments like this if not very similar ones already. In my opinion I think you did a fantastic job on the K.S. Demo and i believe that you will make this game a magnificent work of art that speaks volumes. I wish you the best of luck as you work ever closer to the next chapters in the game development and eventually into its completion.
    These are my sincere thoughts on your game.

    • Awesome! I’m really glad to hear it. That is high praise indeed!

      If you are interested, we have a slacker backer package for $35 that includes alpha access, and you can play 3 levels right now. You can buy it here. It’s a lot to drop on the game I realize, so no worries if you’d rather wait until we finish.

      Thanks again for checking out our game!

      • I have the link to this Devlog saved. I’ll look into that package later on after essentials.
        Also, on a personal note, this is so awesome that you (a video game developer) are replying to my messages. I have never spoken to one before.
        Ill leave you to your work and I look forward to toe future of your game. I hope that i have made you feel a little better about the development of your game and hopefully not as nervous. Once again, I wish you the best of luck good sir.

  3. You’d be surprised how many indie game developers will respond to your messages on twitter or whatever. Everyone in the indie community is really friendly. I appreciate your kind words. It does make me feel better. 🙂

  4. You are right, i would be surprised. I am not speaking sarcastically. I mean though I am not new to games or internet, i am new to the general Online Community and even more-so to the Indie part of it. I am glad that they seem to be quite level headed and polite that i have seen thus far. I am also happy that you feel better.