Month: January 2014

Here, I discuss what was talked about Steam Dev Days and my thoughts on the conference.

In this diary, I do some size comparisons for the Steam controller and talk about some initial reactions.

Here, I talk about how I’m nervous to show the latest version of the game to our backers.

In this developer diary, we talk about the changes we made based on your feedback to Neverending Nightmares to better create the feel of a 3D world despite our 2d art style. Hello and welcome to another in-game developer diary,

In this diary I talk about how stress can lead to depression and how you have to keep a watchful eye on your mood. Hello! In this developer diary, I’d like to talk about stress. Well I’ve been feeling quite

In this diary, I talk about the process working with the composer for creating the music for Neverending Nightmares. Hello! So today I’d like to talk a bit about the musical process. So Skyler McGlothlin is the composer for the

In this dev diary, I discuss the Dead Space franchise and what they did to create a horrifying atmosphere. Hello, so today I’d like to talk about ‘Dead Space’. ‘Dead Space’ and I have an interesting relationship. I think EA

In this video, I talk about what exactly it is I do at Infinitap Games. “So in this developer diary I’d like to talk a little bit about what I do with my time. I guess I’m a “Gameplay Programmer”

Here, I talk about Crimson Dragon and how it compares to my favorite games ever, the Panzer Dragoon series. Hello, so I’m sure all of you who’ve listened to my blogs about my love of ‘Panzer Dragoon’ and my excitement

In this video, I talk about the difficulties of creating a navigable 3D world represented with 2D art. Hello and welcome to another in game developer diary! And so this developer diary is going to be kind of interesting, well