Does anyone watch the developer diaries here?

Besides posting the developer diaries on kickstarter, facebook, twitter, and the forum, I’ve been posting them here. I wonder if that’s really worthwhile since I imagine most people consume their content on the the other channels. Perhaps I should save the blog for my text based posts. Any thoughts?


6 Comments on “Does anyone watch the developer diaries here?

  1. I do not watch them at all. I’m more of a fan of written text, which I know is a pain to do for some. So I don’t mind either way.

    Just know I’m not complaining either! I’m happy you are updating and sharing bits when needed! =) I may not watch, but I notice!

  2. I have watched a few of them. I intend to watch more of them to catch up. I am quite excited about this game ever since I saw let’s plays of its Demo. So, I saved this site to my website tab saver thing…I click the saved link, and i am able to come here to watch.