Month: December 2013

Developer Diary – 83 – Scope Fears

In this video, I talk candidly about my fears for Neverending Nightmares and the scope of the game. Now with a transcript! I’d like to talk about my fears for the scope of the game and it’s sort of interesting

Developer Diary – 82 – Secret Retrograde Features

Retro/Grade is on sale for 75% off on Steam until January 2nd, so I thought I’d talk about my favorite features that no one noticed.

Developer Diary – 81 – Descent and Demos

In this video I talk about one of the themes of Neverending Nightmares – descent – and how that relates to the game design as well as the difficulty of offering a demo.

Developer Diary – 80 – Dead Rising 3

In this video, I talk about Dead Rising 3 and how it’s the most “next gen” despite running at 720p30.

Developer Diary – 79 – Save Games

In this diary I discuss the importance of choosing an appropriate save game scheme for the game you are trying to make.

Developer Diary – 78 – The Last of Us

While “The Last of Us” wasn’t exactly a horror game, there is a lot we can learn from it.

Developer Diary – 77 – Effective Horror

In this video, I discuss some elements of horror stories that I feel are particularly scary.

Developer Diary – 76 – Thoughts on “Next Gen”

“Next gen” is here! While many people have decried it as a small incremental update from the previous gen, I talk about why it takes a while to unlock the potential of the new hardware.

Does anyone watch the developer diaries here?

Besides posting the developer diaries on kickstarter, facebook, twitter, and the forum, I’ve been posting them here. I wonder if that’s really worthwhile since I imagine most people consume their content on the the other channels. Perhaps I should save

Developer Diary – 75 – Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

In this diary, I discuss the interesting design choices of Shattered Memories, and what I feel they did right and wrong.