Developer Diary 53 – Ouya

In this video, I unbox my new Ouya and talk about why I am excited by Ouya and making Neverending Nightmares for the platform.

Brian Provinciano’s GDC talk can be watched online here.

Since filming that, I’ve played some games on Ouya, and I love DubWars! It’s definitely worth checking out if you have an Ouya.

Also, they just accepted another round of Steam Greenlight games. Neverending Nightmares wasn’t one of them unfortunately, but that means we are even closer to the top! We were at 35 yesterday, and now we are 11. Let’s keep those Greenlight votes coming! 😀

Also, not Neverending Nightmares related, but Fatal Frame 3 was just released on PSN. I’m a huge fan of the series! Sony posted an interesting interview with the creator that is worth reading.


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