Month: July 2013

Developer Diary 19 – All Gore

I discuss the significance of gore in Neverending Nightmares and how it relates to my battle with mental illness.

Developer Diary 18 – Games that Matter

In this video, I talk about how I want to create a game that matters with “Neverending Nightmares” and what I wanted to express with “Retro/Grade”.

Developer Diary 17 – Gorey Art Style

Today, I’m discussing the influence of Edward Gorey on the art style of Neverending Nightmares and why we decided to use his work as reference.

Developer Diary 16 – “Neverending Nightmares” in My Own Words

While we just revealed the trailer for “Neverending Nightmares”, we didn’t really introduce what the game is about. In this video, I describe the game and what I’m trying to do.

Neverending Nightmares Teaser

I am proud to announce the new game I’ve been working on, Neverending Nightmares! It’s a new psychological horror game inspired by my actual struggles with mental illness. I hope you like it!  

REALLY Open Development

I’m Matt Gilgenbach, and I’m a failure. Wait. That’s a terrible intro! Let me do that over. I’m Matt Gilgenbach, and I’m one of the developers of the reverse rhythm’up game, Retro/Grade. Haven’t heard of it? Not many people have.

Developer Diary 15 – Vacation and Stress

I got back last week from a vacation to the Philippines. While I had an amazing time, stress from work followed me, so I talk a little bit about it. Plus, enjoy a few trip photos and video!

Developer Diary 14 – Old vs. New Tech

In this video, I talk about whether doing engine rewrites for “next gen” is necessary or even a good idea.

Developer Diary 13 – The Future of the Industry

As a follow up to the last video, I discuss where I hope the industry to be moving towards.

Developer Diary 12 – State of the Industry

In this video, I discuss the state of the AAA industry and what makes being indie so attractive.