Month: June 2013

In this video, I talk about my approach to pre-production and creating fun indie games under a lot of time pressure.

Here, I talk about work life balance and why it’s sometimes hard NOT to work a lot of hours.

In this video, I discuss the different for designing an indie game for breadth vs depth, and why I think depth is a much better choice for his current project and pretty much all indie projects.

Here, I discuss the importance of cutting corners and getting indie games out the door.

In this diary, I talk about anxiety I’m facing and how I am trying to overcome it by organizing and putting together task lists.

Here, I answer the most frequently asked questions I get after doing a postmortem of Retro/Grade at GDC. Part 1 covers the question “If you could do it all over, would you?”

In this video, I discuss how to draw inspiration from other games and some of the pitfalls you can fall into.